UNION DES CONSOMMATEURS, strength through networking

Union des consommateurs is a non-profit organization whose membership is comprised of several ACEFs (Associations coopératives d’économie familiale), l‘Association des consommateurs pour la qualité dans la construction (ACQC), as well as individual members.

Union des consommateurs’ mission is to represent and defend the rights of consumers, with particular emphasis on the interests of low-income households. Union des consommateurs’ activities are based on values cherished by its members: solidarity, equity and social justice, as well as the objective of enhancing consumers’ living conditions in economic, social, political and environmental terms.

Union des consommateurs’ structure enables it to maintain a broad vision of consumer issues even as it develops in-depth expertise in certain programming sectors, particularly via its research efforts on the emerging issues confronting consumers. It activities, which are nation-wide in scope, are enriched and legitimated by its field work and the deep roots of its member associations in the community.

Union des consommateurs acts mainly at the national level, by representing the interests of consumers before political, regulatory or legal authorities or in public forums. Its priority issues, in terms of research, action and advocacy, include the following: family budgets and indebtedness, energy, telephone services, radio broadcasting, cable television and the Internet, public health, food and biotechnologies, financial products and services, business practices, and social and fiscal policy.

Finally, regarding the issue of economic globalization, Union des consommateurs works in collaboration with several consumers groups in English Canada and abroad. It is a member of Consumers International (CI), a United Nations recognized organization.